Our products are fabricated in easy to install kit form with instructions that makes on-site installation faster with less noise, lower environmental impact. Our products take days or weeks to install on-site where traditional construction methods would take weeks or months.

Landmark is accredited to ISO9001 Quality Management System which means you get serious quality that is repeatable and measured. We are also certified to the Occupational Health and Safety standard BS OHSAS 18001.

Our installation service includes both project management and the actual installation of products. We have our own installers and a select group of sub-contractors who are highly experienced with installing our products.

Project Management

Our dedicated Project Managers oversee the delivery and installation process with great attention to detail and quality. They are skilled professionals with experience in relevant construction methods. They are also locals working out of offices in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. This is important in terms of understanding local compliance and environmental regulations.


Landmark installation teams are highly skilled professionals with many years of building and construction experience. They are committed to providing a safe site environment for both themselves and the community they are working with.

Our specialist sub-contractors are trained to ensure a high level of competency in relation to safety, quality and attention to detail aspects of the installation process, embracing and upholding the Landmark principles.

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