Landmark Finance has been specifically developed to give Local Government organisations and developers a new way of providing necessary, new or replacement infrastructure to community places.

It gives a truly unique experience by having the ability to easily match Landmark Finance with Landmark Products to provide a whole versatile finance solution. We can also match the finance into your current or new maintenance contracts, creating an easy, low cost payment solution for your whole project.

You can reduce the demands of providing up-to-date infrastructure and facilities with no large upfront costs to come out of capital purchases.



Landmark Finance allows you to capitalise on purchasing more, higher value products that give communities greater benefits. It can give you the ability to implement a whole project which allows greater negotiations with all suppliers for improving total cost outcomes.

It gives the ability to replace non-compliant infrastructure or amenities reducing risk and providing safer outcomes to local communities sooner.

Greater choices can be made in purchasing items with lower maintenance or anti vandal properties which provides greater returns.

These all help to reduce the total cost of community spaces, increasing social well being while providing the best facilities.

Real Benefits

Rental contracts are LGA approved.

• Assets can be provided to the community now, increasing social values.

• Assets can be spread over a defined term for a high desired outcome sooner.

• Cash flow friendly, provides enhanced budgeting and financial management solutions.

• Retention of capital gives the ability to utilise these valuable funds on other priorities.

• No need for approval of capital expenditure.

• Large up-front capital costs can be avoided.

• Costs becomes an expense item, not a capital purchase.

• Monthly payments, spread over the term of the agreement can cover the total costs of design, manufacture, installation, and maintenance.

• Client has a no up-front cost for the project.

• Exposure to liability is dramatically reduced.

• Client risk is significantly reduced.

• Predetermined renewal and upgrade replacement strategies can be introduced.

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