Design Services

All over Australia, there are vibrant, creative community spaces, and public infrastructure of all shapes and sizes, that started as a blank canvas. 

With over 26 years’ experience in designing elements for public spaces, Landmark Products is one of Australia’s most renowned experts in bringing public spaces to life, delivering superb aesthetics with practical outcomes.


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Although we have an extensive range of standard products (which can be modified to your needs), when it comes to custom products, our design process starts with our customers.

A concept that  started in the mind of a developer, an urban planner or landscape architect, is now a place of community and hub of activity thanks to collaboration with Landmark's design specialists.


 It starts with our clients

 Client concepts  

Landmark's talented design experts listen and seek a full understanding of the vision and purpose of each project, and are ready to respond, whether with a standard offering or custom designed option. Modifying standard products is also an option.

Landmark’s design team are expert in converting our client’s ideas into reality. The starting point can be an in-depth consultation session, client’s providing a few squiggles on a page, or a comprehensive set of CAD drawings.


Your ideas become reality

Client renders

Whatever the starting point, Landmark’s design team can “add flesh to the bones”, and begin to add the intricate specifics and attention-to-detail needed to complete a project that, at the very least, meets our customers’ needs. Ultimately our aim is to exceed expectations.

Take this recent advice from a Project Office working for a council in New South Wales:

“Landmark were able to deliver a custom solution to meet the diverse needs of the various community and sporting groups (that were often in conflict with each other), designing, fabricating and constructing all needed to suit a limited budget.”

When it comes to bigger projects, Landmark Products understand that collaboration with other professionals is the key to cutting-edge, multi-faceted design, and our track record of working with landscape architects, urban designers, various consultants and other infrastructure specialists is second-to-none.

For greater peace of mind, all our designs are third-party certified by a professional engineering organisation.


Fully compliant and location specific

Client final

Because Landmark understands parks and outdoor spaces, our design team meticulously deliver product design suited to the environment, from a practical and compliance perspective:

  • Considerate of the environment (for example, salt air/high corrosive area, vandal-prone, high/low trafficked)
  • Engineered to meet and exceed National Construction Code (NCC), Standards including AS 1170 Loading Code, AS 1720 Timber Structures, AS 4100 Steel Structures, AS1428.1 Access and Mobility and other relevant codes
  • To a minimum wind classification of N3 (W41) and greater per site specifications
  • Consideration of budget
  • Flat packed to reduce freight and ensure minimum site disruption.

Landmark Products are ISO 9001 certified, giving our customers additional confidence in our design and manufacturing processes.

After the design concept is agreed upon, Landmark’s design and engineering team use the latest computer-aided design tools to plan all aspects of the project, down to the finest detail.

Scaled, precise 2D drawings (from site plans to projections) and 3D renderings can then be produced to give our clients the peace of mind that the project is as agreed, before manufacturing begins.

With our multi-disciplinary team of design and manufacturing experts at the ready, Landmark Products can bring your community/public space projects concepts to reality.