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Supporting protection and growth
The high quality Furphy Foundry tree grates and guards are a great addition to any public space or park. They provide needed support for new plants and trees during the early growth phase. They are also greatly used in high foot traffic areas, ensuring a separation from pedestrians. This range consists of designs that are an attractive addition, or we can coordinate a modified or custom solution to suit your individual needs.

Quality you can rely on
Landmark products only supply quality, durable products for public community spaces. The range from Furphy Fundry has proven themselves over many years of manufacture and supply to councils, landscape contractors and developers.

Furphy Foundry tree furniture has been designed and manufactured to meet these stringent requirements while providing you a low maintenance asset with a long life cycle. For more information and drawing specifications, go to .

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KF1201 | Tree Grates

KF1302 | Tree Guard - Steel Slatted

KF1303 | Tree Guard - Steel Square Line

KF1304 | Tree Guard - Steel Pipe Line

Tree Furniture Pipe Line Guard
Tree Furniture Pipe Line Guard b
Tree Furniture Pipe Line Guard c

Features & Options

  • Grates are manufactured using recycled cast aluminium and supplied as a raw/mill finish.
  • Grates frames are manufactured from high strength steel and hot dip galvanised to provide extra strength for supporting the grate.
  • Guards are manufactured from mild steel then hot dip galvanised.
  • Square Line guards are 590mm square x 1400 high nominal
  • Pipe Line and Slatted Guards are 540mm round x 1400 high nominal and supplied in two halves.
  • Powder coat or two-pak painting avaliable
  • Modified or custom designs avaliable
  • Standard designs include:
  • KF1201 Tree Grate Square 1219mm (FFSA006003)
  • KF1201 Tree Grate Square 1500mm (FFSA006004)
  • KF1201 Tree Grate Circular 1219mm (FFSA006007)
  • KF1302 Tree Guard Steel Slatted bolt-down (FFSB007003)
  • KF1302 Tree Guard Steel Slatted in-ground (FFSB007004)
  • KF1303 Tree Guard Square Line bolt-down (FFSB007005)
  • KF1303 Tree Guard Square Line in-ground (FFSB007006)
  • KF1304 Tree Guard Pipe Line bolt-down (FFSB007007)
  • KF1304 Tree Guard Pipe Line in-ground (FFSB007008)