Santa & Cole Collection

Santa & Cole is a Spanish company that is passionate about design. They have a vision – to work as editors with leading designers in developing and marketing exceptional products; and to fiercely protect the intellectual property of their collaborators.
Landmark Products is proud to offer a selection of Santa & Cole's urban elements to our Australian clients. Manufactured locally under exclusive license, these elegant, minimalist designs introduce an international flavour to our collection of outdoor elements for public spaces.

Santa & Cole Neoromántico Seat

Neoromántico | KSC050

Design by Miguel Milá
The Neoromántico seat was designed by Miguel Milá as both an update and an improvement on the traditional urban seat with timber slats and metal legs. Its meticulous ergonomics, elegant appearance and unique styling made it an instant design classic.
Santa & Cole Neoliviano Seat

Neoliviano | KSC060

Design by Miguel Milá
Whereas the Neoromántico represents the modernisation of the traditional park bench with wooden slats and steel frame, the Neoliviano captures the same classic elegance, adds an armrest, and distils it for the 21st century.
Santa & Cole Neobanqueta Bench

Neobanqueta | KSC061

Design by Miguel Milá
Designed as a stand-alone bench or to accompany a Neoliviano seat or chair seeking reflection or support, the Neobanqueta shares their modern composition in timber or ultra-light, recyclable, and maintenance-free aluminium.
Santa & Cole Nu Bench Seat

Nu Bench & Seat | KSC070 & KSC071

Design by Jordi Henrich & Olga Tarrasó
Available with or without a back rest, the Nu can be described as a large, flat and uncomplicated platform. A classic in new urban design, it has been used in a variety of settings requiring a seat that is discreet yet completely functional.
Santa & Cole Bancal Bench Seat

Bancal Bench & Seat | KSC010 & KSC011

Design by Julià Espinàs & Olga Tarrasó
Conceived as a modular and versatile seat from which extended alignments of seat surface can be formed, with or without a backrest, the formal clarity of the Bancal seat belies the thoughtful design.
Santa & Cole Moon Bench Seat

Moon Bench & Seat | KSC040 & KSC041

Design by Enric Batlle & Joan Roig
The Moon seat, available with or without a back rest, is a highly versatile design. It encapsulates a youthful nonchalance and may be utilised in several ways: as a backrest while sitting on the ground, as a conventional bench, and with a solid backrest doubling as another perch.
 sammy bollard

Sammy Bollard & Limit | KSC305 & KSC802

Design by Oriol Guimerá
The Sammy is a modular piece – a bollard, a bicycle rack, a handrail - it can even be used as an occasional seat. Made of cast iron with an optional extruded aluminium rail, it is truly versatile element that can be used in multiple applications.
Santa & Cole Táctil Bollard and Bicycle Rack

Táctil | KSC406

Design by Antonio de Marco
The Táctil is a bollard, a new kind of bike rack, and a clear statement of attention to aesthetic appeal. Made from a single piece of Cor-ten steel, Táctil is designed to address the ever-increasing demand for city bicycle parking.
Santa & Cole Bicilínea Bicycle Rack

Bicilínea | KSC405

Design by Beth Galí
Beth Galí has incorporated curved supports into a classic stainless steel handrail to create Bicilínea, a bicycle rack that provides extensive support while holding bicycles securely. The modular design allows for the creation of multiple curves.
Santa & Cole Key Bicycle Rack

Key | KSC407

Design by Lagranja
Winner of the International Design Excellence Awards 2007 and the Red Dot "Best of the Best" Award 2008, the Key is a youthful and exuberant bicycle rack. Simple on its own, dynamic in multiples.