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Timber, steel and aluminium park benches
We produce an extensive range of park and urban benches, seats and picnic settings. Our timber, steel and aluminium benches combine robust materials and construction with ergonomic design suitable for most public spaces.

All our benches have been designed and engineered for safety and durability so meet the requirements of public use.

Park and urban seats for all environments
All our seats have been selected for their durability and versatility. Aluminium components are manufactured from corrosion resistant alloys, and timber has been treated to promote the maximum design life.

Steel components are generally hot-dip galvanised for long term corrosion protection and can be powder coated or painted to a range of colours.

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 Aluminium Benches


K001 | Tamworth Bench | Timber-Frame

K003 | Tumut Platform Seat | Steel-Frame

K004 | Tumut Platform Tree Surround | Steel-Frame

K005 | Tumut Platform Bench | Seat Steel-Frame

K052 | San Marco Bench Seat | Aluminium-Frame

KA001 | Althorpe Bench Seat | Aluminium-Frame

KF128 | Civic Bench | Steel Frame

Civic elevation side
Civic elevation top
Civic elevation photo

KF021 | Fulcrum Bench | Aluminium Frame


KF011 | Metro Bench | Aluminium Frame




KF031 | Promenade Bench | Stainless Alu-Frame


KF071 | Woodgrove Bench | Steel Frame


KSC020 | Santa & Cole | Comunitario

KSC041 | Santa & Cole | Moon Bench

KSC061 | Santa & Cole | Neobanqueta

KSC071 | Santa & Cole | Nu Bench

KF081 | Horizon Bench

Horizon bench SE
Horizon bench FE
Horizon bench front

Features & Options

  • Durable, economical, LOSP treated plantation pine and HDG steel construction.
  • Ergonomic design
  • Precision manufactured in kit form, and partly pre-assembled for ease of installation
  • Aluminium slats available for Civic, Fulcrum, Metro, Promenade and Woodgrove
  • Stainless steel fixing upgrade for corrosive envronments.
  • Sustainably harvested Western Queensland Hardwood board, ACQ treated to H3, in lieu of Pine
  • Bolt-down supports
  • Available in a selection of standard and custom sizes