Steel Truss Pedestrian Bridges

Pedestrian Bridges | Steel Truss | Murray | K1105

Durable all-steel design
Our steel truss pedestrian bridges offer a strong, lightweight and versatile solution where longer clear spans are required.

Hot-dip galvanised components are flat-packed for ease of transport, allowing for cost effective installation in remote or difficult sites.

Our foot bridges are assembled on site and craned into position, ensuring minimal disruption of the community and the environment.

Convenient, factory-built construction
All Landmark foot and cycleway bridges are supplied flat-packed and ready for installation, including:

  • Precision manufactured components and all necessary hardware
  • Complete pier and abutment design (subject to geotechnical report)
  • Detailed step-by-step installation instructions
  • Professional Building Application Drawings
  • Engineer Certification
  • 10 Year Structural Warranty
  • Maintenance guide

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K1105 | Murray

Features & Options

  • Murray foot bridges are strong, durable and versatile, with an exceptional design life.
  • Ideal for larger spans and vandalism prone-areas.
  • Engineered to 5kPa live loads.
  • Can support 2.0m/sec flood loads.
  • Can be engineered to accommodate light vehicle loadings to 1 tonne.
  • Hot-dip galvanised steel trusses and steel barrier panels can be two-pack painted for added corrosion protection or aesthetic variety.
  • Galvanised or stainless steel hand or bicycle rails available.
  • Galvanised, stainless steel or hardwood kick rails.
  • Wide range of decking options, including timber, wood plastic composite (WPC) and fibre reinforced plastic grates (FRP).
  • Galvanised or stainless steel fixings.
  • Truss foot bridges can be engineered in cranked, curved or flat.


  • Bicycle Rails - Galvanised or stainless steel.
  • Disabled Access Rails - Galvanised or stainless steel.