Product Range

Q. How do I obtain printed material on your products?

A. You can print detailed information directly from our website wherever you see a printable pdf icon. We also publish a comprehenssive catalogue with Product Specification sheets and other promotional material which can be provided upon request. Alternatively, a friendly Landmark consultant can contact you in person with the support or information that you may need.

Q. Can Landmark modify a standard product or create a custom structure for me?

A. We frequently modify or adapt existing designs to suit the specific requirements of customers, and have worked unique projects with some of Australia's leading designers. With thousands of completed projects, we may have already produced something very similar to what you need. Please browse through our photo galleries to view some of these projects, or contact your local representative for more information. 

Q. Do Landmark products comply with all relevant Building Codes?

A. All Landmark structures are certified by Australian third party engineers. They are designed to comply with all local government building codes; to meet or exceed AS 1720.1 SAA Timber Structures Code (Pt 1) or AS 4100 SAA Steel Structures Code or AS 1170.1 SAA Loading Code (Pt 1); and to exceed Minimum Wind Classification W41 (W60 is available on request).

Q. What quality assurances do I have when choosing Landmark?

A. You have the assurance that we've built our reputation on providing a useful and effective service for more than two decades. Our factory and customer service operates to a carefully refined system which we've developed to enhance the quality and efficiency of everything we produce. Landmark is an Approved Government Supplier in QLD, NSW, VIC, SA and WA, and we operate under Quality Assurance Standard AS/NZS 9001:1994. All our products carry a 10 year structural warranty, and references can be provided upon request.

Materials and Finishes

Q. What are the specifications for the materials used in your products?

A.  Our standard timber members are premium quality machined plantation Hoop Pine, stabilised  and treated with safe LOSP preservative; Hardwood is select grade, sustainably harvested Western Queensland Hardwood (Spotted Gum or similar) - Stress grade F14 or better (the majority being F17) - ACQ treated to Hazard Level 3.

Steel members are hot-dip galvanised steel; fastenings are galvanised or stainless steel; and standard roofing and gutter components are Colorbond steel.

We can also source a wide range of materials for specific projects. Simply tell us what you're looking for, and we'll happily oblige!

Q. What is LOSP and ACQ treatment?

A. Light Organic Solvent Preservatives are used for structures subject to moist environments where timber is likely to experience fungal decay. LOSP treated timber can be painted once the treatment has dried. It is recommended that all treated timber is painted or stained. The treatment is not corrosive to metals. LOSP is suitable for applications such as joinery, where dimensional-stability is important.

Ammoniacal Copper Quaternary is vaunted for its greater safety of storage and application than CCA, yet with similar performance ability. Ammoniacal Copper Quaternary (Type B) wood preservative is formulated with copper oxide and the Quaternary Ammonium compound, didecyldimethyl-ammoniumchloride.

Q. What colour options are available for your timber components?

A. The range of available colours can be viewed in "Colours and finishes" area of this site under the "Downloads" option.

All standard timber components are factory stained with Cutek CD50 oil based stain in New Bronze Tone. Others stain colours are available upon request. Timber components can also be supplied with a water based paint finish. We apply two coats of quality Wattyl paint in our factory prior to despatch. Due to the likelihood of damage during transport and installation, we supply a small quantity of paint for touch up on site.

Q. What can I do to minimise corrosion of my Landmark product?

A. Powder coated, hot-dip galvanised steel is considered an unsuitable finish for highly corrosive environments. In these environments we strongly recommend the use of timber (either pine or hardwood) and stainless steel hardware. If this is not possible all hot-dip galvanised steel surfaces should at least be finished with a high quality two pack epoxy paint system, and subject to a rigorous maintenance schedule. Failure to do this in highly corrosive marine environments may void the Landmark Products Ltd Structural Integrity Warranty

Purchasing and Delivery

Q. Can I meet with someone to discuss my project?

A. We have highly experienced representatives throughout Australia available to meet with you to discuss your project and assist with your planning and costing.

Q. How do I obtain a written quote?

A. You can request a quote via this web site, or contact us via the Contact page. Once we understand your requirements we can provide you with a written quote. Prices are all-inclusive and fixed for 30 days from date of quotation.

Q. What do you need to know about my project?

A. In order to provide you with the best possible advice, assistance and product for your needs, there is certain information you should provide to us:
- What is the shape (level) of the land, how accessible is it, and what are the expected weather conditions?
- Where is the location
that your structure will be installed if different from the delivery location? Is it in close proximity to the ocean? 

Q. How do I obtain drawings and specifications for approval?

A. All relevant materials, including Building Application drawings and Certifications are provided with every product purchased from us.

Q. Is it possible for buyers outside Australia to purchase Landmark products?

A. Yes, we frequently receive enquiries from all over the world. Provided that a commercial transaction can be achieved, we're prepared to supply any legitimate purchaser. You will need to take logistics into account if you're enquiring from somewhere other than Australia, New Zealand or the Pacific Region, as the distances involved will almost certainly add significantly to your purchase price.

Installation and Construction

Q. Do I need a qualified builder to construct my project?

A. No. Landmark structures are supplied pre-cut, pre-drilled and partly assembled, with comprehensive installation instructions.

Q. Can Landmark do the installation for me?

A. Yes, for an additional fee we can arrange to have any of our products professionally installed for you, or arrange for one of our experienced installers to oversee your labour force.

Q. Can Landmark assist me in obtaining building approvals?

A. Landmark structures are supplied with all the documents you'll need to obtain Building Approvals for your chosen site. In some instances we can obtain the necessary Approvals for an additional fee.

Q. Can your products be installed in difficult or remote sites?

A. Our factory built structures are perfect for remote installations. Experience is vital in such situations and we've designed, produced and delivered thousands of successful projects in difficult, remote, and sensitive site locations all over Australia.


Q. What is the life expectancy of your products?

A. We take every precaution to ensure that your structure will retain it's good appearance and provide many years of useful service with minimal maintenance. Our products are designed and engineered for maximum design-life., and all materials and components are selected for their long-term durability.

Timber components are LOSP or ACQ treated for maximum durability and to provide resistance to fungal and insect attack; Steel members are hot-dip galvanised after fabrication; and fixings and hardware are either galvanised or stainless steel.


Q. How should I maintain my Landmark product?

A. All products are supplied with a maintenance guide, which can also be downloaded from this site

Q. Are your structures vandal-resistant?

A. All our products are heavily engineered for maximum strength and durability. We provide products in timber, steel or aluminium so that you can select the most appropriate materials for your site. All exposed fittings are vandal-resistant, including our proprietary anti-vandal fasteners.